Teach Kids Healthy Eating Habits – Three Easy And Effective Ways

Family Meal Time is when you teach them to eat healthy

At Family Meal is when you teach them to eat healthy

Wrong food choices and poor diet are the main culprits for health hazards and obesity etc. All good habits should be started at an early stage. Healthy eating is no exception to this. Kids should be taught healthy eating habits. There are many parents who are struggling to make their kids eat healthy food. Here is some good news for all of them. Teaching healthy eating habits need not be something very difficult and tiresome. It can be easy and fun-filled if you follow a few tips.

3 Ways to teach kids healthy eating habits

1. Add fun to eating time and to recipes

Kids love to have fun and they love to play games. Be creative in cooking and serving healthy food.

  • Draw faces and cartoons with vegetables and cut fruits. Make faces with cucumber slices, carrot pieces, beetroot, cherries and strawberries etc. Make them eat the eyes, the ears, the mouth and nose etc. Create a garden on their plate.

Cook as a family and make it fun

Cook as a family and make it fun

  • What is your kid’s favorite cartoon character? Use this cartoon character to make your kid eat healthy food. Does your kid like Popeye? If so, making your little one eat spinach is going to be easy. If your child loves super heroes, tell them stories of how their favorite super heroes got their power and strength by eating fruits and vegetables. Tell them how they too become strong and destroy the villains.
  • Act that they attain super power with each bite of healthy eating. Play games like treasure hunt, blindfold games and mazes etc. to make them eat healthy food. Arrange cut fruits on a table. Play a game of picking them with chop stick or tooth pick.
  • Make vegetable and fruits puree Popsicle. Kids love Popsicle. You can also make colorful vegetable and fruit ice cubes. They can add these ice cubes in a glass of water and drink. Ice trays that have numbers, animal and cartoon pictures are a good choice.

Add vegetables and fruits to their favorite dishes.

2. Involve your kids in cooking and shopping

Are you going to the super market to buy groceries?

  • Take your kids along. Let them pick the fruits and vegetables. Tell them the nutritive value of the fruits and vegetables that you buy. Enlighten them on the health benefits of them. It should not sound like preaching but it should be told as an interesting story.
  • Let your kid help you in the kitchen. Let them do simple and safe works like peeling and grating etc. They will feel proud that they are eating food that they cooked.
  • Set a color theme or other themes every day. Let your kid plan the menu to suit the theme of the day.

Giving such responsibility when they are young will help them in making healthy choices of food.

3. Make small changes in you and your home

Kids look upon their parents as role models when they are young. Set the right example for your child. What you eat is very important if you want to teach your child to eat healthily.

  • Keep healthy snacks on the dining table, on their study table and other easily accessible places. Kids start to eat them involuntarily.
  • If your kids are old enough to read, you can write down the health benefits and nutritive value of healthy foods on a paper and stick it on the refrigerator. You can also write the dangers of wrong foods and drinks and stick it nearby.

Food is not only for their body but their minds

Food is not only for their body but their minds

Teaching your kids healthy food habits can be real fun and it can tighten the bond of love between you and your kids. Teach them healthy eating when they are young to avoid regrets in the future.

Check Your Home Affordability & Fixed V/S Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Buying a home is a big step into independence

Buying a home is a big step towards independence

Buying a home in itself is a daunting task. The process becomes much more cumbersome when you mix the task of buying a home with finding a mortgage for your intended home. Therefore, before you can even hunt for your home, it would be better to find out your home affordability. Here are ways of finding your home affordability and the kind of loan you should take:

Calculate the down payment you can pay

A home is what you need to start a new chapter in your life

A home is what you need to start a new chapter in your life

Most banks only finance 80 or 90 percent of the total value of home. Therefore, the rest 10 or 20 percent has to come from your pocket. Therefore, you need to decide how much money you can spare out to make the down payment. If you have decided and allocated $20,000 as down payment then you can look for a house worth $200,000 for10 percent down payment and $100,000 home for 20 percent down payment. However, if you do not have the money required for down payment or if it is less, you can also check with the bank if they allow you a loan on the rest of 20 percent.

Find out the ratio of qualification of the loan by your lender

Calculate how much can you can afford to spend

Calculate how much you can afford to spend

Most banks follow the rule of 36 percent to calculate whether you can pay back the loan. The 36 percent rule is that your debt to income ratio should not be more than 36 percent. This debt amount includes the entire amount that covers your intended home expenses like principal amount, interest on mortgage, real estate taxes and insurance and lastly it also includes your other outstanding debt payments every month. Therefore, if you are already using 6 percent of your income for some debt payments every month, then you can only use 30 percent to pay installments for your home. Many websites have home affordability calculators that can do the job for you.

Determine between fixed v/s adjustable rate mortgages

You will also have to determine the type of loan you wish to take. There are primarily two types of loan agreement Fixed loan and Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). Fixed loan as the name suggest has a fixed rate of interest throughout the payment period whereas adjustable rate mortgages changes the interest rate charged as per the fluctuations in the prime rate. Some people choose fixed loan if they want to budget exactly what money they will need to pay every month. However, some people choose adjustable rate mortgages if they think that the current interest rate can further go down south. However, the interest rate of fixed loan is higher than the adjustable rate loans at all times mostly by one percent.

Pay your morgage

Always pay your mortgage on time

Generally, when the interest rate is peaking, Adjustable rate mortgages are easier to get than fixed mortgages, as they are more affordable. However, if the interest rate is low and you expect it to be low for some time before it starts going up then choosing fixed loan may be a prudent idea to leverage on the rising interest rate.

Determining the kind of loan you should be taking depends on the current market conditions and expected growth rate. You need to ask yourself questions like what kind of monthly payment can you afford? Do you plan to live in this house? Do you foresee the interest rates declining or increasing in the near future? Answer to these questions will help you to come to a concrete decision.

5 Signs You Are On The Verge Of A Burnout

Check here for burnout symptoms and solutions

Learn the burnout symptoms & solutions

In the fast-paced work environment that is today’s, it is easy to burnout without even knowing what is happening to you. You focus on working hard, improving your standard of life and financial situation and becoming a better person that you become worn out by hard work. Yes, hard work isn’t always a beautiful ride, and it has its toll on you especially if you do not balance it with quality time for yourself. If you do not want to find yourself suddenly on the wall, then below are 5 signs that may tell you’re getting close to the wall.

1. When excuses become easier than solutions

Are you tired all the time? Careful it could be burnout syndrom

Are you tired all the time? Maybe its burnout syndrome

You find yourself making excuses for not doing things that are important and things you should or must do. The excuses come easily and even faster than the solutions. Excuses can give you some relief, but they do not handle the fundamental problem, the flight from reality. Your excuse could be the only way of refusing to admit that you’re on getting burnt out. You may not want to accept it but making an excuse could be a sign of tiredness, for if you weren’t tired, you could have just gone ahead and done whatever you had to do.

2. You are often in bed, but you can’t enjoy quality sleep

When you sleep most of the time and wake up every time feeling worst, then you should know that it is the sign of an imminent burnout. The quality of your sleep indicates your energy level. If you’re agitated in your sleep, often finding yourself tossing over and over, then you should take this very seriously.

3. You are quick to rant

Lack of energy and moody?

Lack of energy and moody?

One of things that happen when stress sets in is that you are very impatient and irritable with others. You find yourself taking the least opportunity to rant. You can do this either to engage in or to avoid a fight. No matter the reason, when you find it hard to tolerate criticism, to stay calm, and focus, it could be a signal that you are overworked. It is time to take a break.

4. You are running out of ideas and inspiration

It is normal for everyone to have a steady flow of ideas. When you start running out of ideas, it is important to not mistake it for a natural dumbness. People who are tired are hardly alert. They hardly tune in with their surroundings and they find it really difficult connecting with others. When you can’t focus because you are tired, you’ll not notice those simple things that spark the flow of ideas. If you’re running out of ideas or inspiration, then you should take a break. You may be pushing yourself beyond the limits of your strength.

5. It takes you twice the time to complete simple tasks

This is one of the common signs of an imminent burnout that people who hardly time themselves when they work may not notice. If you find out that you’re slower in doing things that you used to do in one single, easy go, then you should know it is time for a break.

There are many other signs that will signal an incoming burnout to keep an eye on. But you do not need to wait for serious symptoms before you start looking for solutions. The most common sign that you’re on the verge of a burnout is the general feeling of tiredness, lack of focus. You need to stop the moment you start feeling that you’re barely pushing things on.

Take time to relax and avoid burnout

Take time to relax and avoid burnout

The situation is not hopeless as there is a lot you can do to save your sanity. You need to handle your stress by taking enough time for relaxation, imagery, positive self-talk, and rest. It is time you focus on your health by eating well, seeing a doctor, exercising, and resting as needed. You should also set realistic goals and know your limits. Taking time to nurture relationships is a very effective way to de-stress as well. It can be very difficult to recognize the symptoms of a burnout especially if you’re the one experiencing it, but if you pay a little attention, you’ll be able to discover it before it becomes a big problem.